Investment With TICA

Investment with TICA

In addition to providing investment consultancy for all the real estate we have, we contribute to all of the research, development and purchasing processes in order for our customers to make the best real estate investment and benefit from advantageous opportunities throughout Turkey according to their special requests and to provide consultancy services to ensure that our customers make the most economical and profitable investments.

We guarantee our customers to make the most accurate, fastest, most attractive and most economical investments and to make quick decisions without missing opportunities.

Together with our special team that we have established with both our Construction and Professional Engineer staff, legal and finance departments, we work with our customers in the preparation, structuring and management of real estate investments for the needs and purposes of our customers.

Designing the investments made in accordance with each of the laws and regulations, we make all technical, architectural, decoration and interior design services together with our professional technical team working within our own structure and make them ready for use by making turnkey delivery.

Our Services

  • Preparation of the best and sustainable usage models for an investment and preparation of the Feasibility Report
  • Design of the final investment, conducting concept studies
  • Business plans, cash flow modeling, risk sensitivity analyzes.
  • Making business plans, cash flow models, risk sensitivity analysis 
  • Management of Technical and Legal Relations with Official Institutions
  • Obtaining Licenses by Making All Kinds of Initiatives, Applications and Plans
  • Obtaining Licenses in accordance with the laws of the country Contract Management
  • Rental Management
  • Collection Management
  • Management of Tenant Relations
  • Facilities Management
  • Licensing activities
  • Fast and permanent solution of all kinds of bureaucratic transactions
  • Execution of purchase-sale works

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