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Our Firm has worked with outstanding projects in Istanbul, Bodrum, Marmaris, Kusadasi and more, in 10 years. We offer a profitable and safe service to international investors who want to live or invest in Turkey and become citizens of the Republic of Turkey, through selling real estate such as Housing, Residence, Villa.


Our Firm has worked with several banks, especially ICBC Bank, to make sure that all of our clients get their citizenship through bank deposit. Our clients, through our firm, can take advantage of the highest possible interest rates and receive and use the interest of their money as well as Turkish citizenship.


We offer service of sales and leasing of production and storage areas such as Land, Factory Building, Warehouse, Hotel, Private School, Shopping Centre, Farm, Petrol Station, Power Plant in Industry, Organized Industry and Free Zones, for international companies and investors who want to invest in Turkey.


We provide professional legal consultancy with our Lawyers, who are specialists in theirs fields. Our legal consultancy service for international investors provides services regarding to legal processes they need, citizenship law, real estate law, criminal law, commercial law, inheritance law, international commercial contracts and other legal areas


We offer to provide the conscious use of State aids for international investors during their investment process in Turkey, by giving information of the Turkish economy and by transforming this information into value added information for international companies to use it. We assist our investors to get benefit of incentive opportunities with reduced bureaucracy by making the incentive legislation applicable to the real economy, We ensure our investors and exporter industrialists to meet their needs and the terms and conditions demanded by State Institutions, on time, and to make maximum use of State Aids and to adapt them to market competition conditions.


We follow up the establishment process of companies belonging to our international investors, ensure the efficiency of the companies, keep the accounting records of the National and International companies according to the Turkish legislation and the Uniform Chart of Accounts, and prepare reports, analysis, and comments for the needs of the companies in accordance with their accounting records. We provide services such as Foreign Employment Department transactions, Declaration Services, Social Security Institution Services, Legal Notice, Forms and Registration Procedures, Legal Reports, Special Reports, Company Establishment and Organization Services, Foreign Company Establishment (Incorporated and Limited), Foreign Company Branch or Contact Office Opening, Company Establishment in Free Zones, Share Transfer, Address Transfer, Branch, Warehouse, Display, Factory etc. Opening of additional units affiliated to the main workplace, Taxation of Commercial Real Estate and Securities Capital Income etc.


We provide detailed sectoral feasibility studies, analysis and reports for international investors who want to invest in Turkey. We assist international investors to discover the Turkish market and investment environment related to the business that they want to invest or to trade in the Turkish market. We also provide information regarding the most up-to-date legislation of investments and process of company establishment, sector-specific and general macroeconomic data, government incentives, operating costs, and taxation. We lead joint ventures for international companies to meet Turkish companies suitable for their desired business lines and bring them together in suitable environments and ensure that they make investments together. We prepare presentations on investment areas with or without government incentives in different commercial and industrial areas, for investors in Turkey. We stay in communication with the investors and their partners after the investment completed, to ensure that all stages of the investment proceed smoothly.

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